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The Roadmap to Safe Abortion Worldwide: Lessons from New Global Trends on Incidence, Legality and Safety

Published in 2018

Source: Guttmacher Policy Review

The article focuses on the evidence that are continually being compiled by researchers and health care practitioners on the most effective means to decrease the impact of unsafe abortion globally and the obstacles to implementing these measures. This body of evidence provides a roadmap for policymakers to take concrete measures to protect the health, rights, […]

Mongolia Country Advocacy Brief – Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE): Evidence Based Advocacy Brief

Published in 2018


Every sixth person or 15.7 percent of the population in Mongolia is a young person between 15 – 24 years of age. These young people faces a lot of sexual and reproductive health issues among which include high teenage pregnancy, STI and HIV infection. Forty-two percent of the STI infected population are young people aged […]

Protecting safe abortion in humanitarian settings: overcoming legal and policy barriers

Published in 2018

Source: Reproductive Health Matters (RHM)

Safe abortion services are routinely omitted from sexual and reproductive health services in humanitarian settings for a variety of reasons, including improper deference to national law, the disproportionate influence of restrictive funding policies, and the failure to treat abortion as medical care. However, properly construed, abortion services fall within the purview of the universal and […]

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Programs in Humanitarian Settings: An In-depth Look at Family Planning Services

Published in 2018

Source: Women’s Refugee Commission, Save the Children, UNHCR, UNFPA

The Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) and Save the Children — two of the co-chairs of the Inter-agency Working Group (IAWG) adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) sub-working group — embarked on an initiative to identify effective practices for the delivery of ASRH services, inclusive of family planning components. This outcome document is designed to highlight […]

Integrating sexual and reproductive health into health emergency and disaster risk management

Published in 2018

Source: World Health Organisations (WHO)

This policy brief discusses the integration of SRH in all aspects of health emergency and disaster risk management, both for immediate health needs, such as saving lives in obstetric complications and preventing disease, as well in the long-term to reduce vulnerability and to support sustainable development of health systems and communities.

We Stand As One: Children, Young People and Climate Change

Published in 2018

Source: Plan International

This report includes voices from hundreds of young people around the world and carries their messages about how climate change affects them, the action necessary to fix it and their right to be part of the solution. Much of this report was written by children and young people based on consultations conducted by them.

Meeting the Need, Fulfilling the Promise: Youth and Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive

Published in 2018

Source: Population Reference Bureau (PRB)

Ensuring young people’s access to long acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) will help to prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, decrease unsafe abortions, and ensure full and informed contraceptive choice for youth. This brief discusses the advantages and challenges of providing LARCs — specifically contraceptive implants and intrauterine devices (IUDs) — to […]

Young Persons with Disabilities: Global Study on Ending Gender-Based Violence, and Realising Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Published in 2018

Source: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

The study seeks to contribute to the strengthening of state laws and policies that foster social inclusion and gender equality for the benefit of young persons with disabilities, especially young women and girls with disabilities; to eliminate discrimination against them, particularly with regard to access to and enjoyment of SRHR and GBV prevention and response […]

Unmet Need for Contraception in Developing Countries: Examining Women’s Reasons for Not Using a Method

Published in 2018

Source: Guttmacher Institute

This report began by describing women’s desire for children, contraceptive use and levels of unmet need in 52 countries that had the demographic and health surveys between 2005 and 2014 and for which data were available at the time of this analysis. It then focus on the reasons women give for not using contraceptives despite […]

World Family Planning – 2017 Highlights

Published in 2018

Source: Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations

This publication presents new evidence on trends in contraceptive use and demand for family planning at the global, regional and country levels for married or in-union women. The estimates and projections for family planning indicators presented here are available from 1970 to 2030 for women of reproductive age (15 to 49 years) who are married […]