Frequently asked questions

1. Where and how do I search for resources in the digital ASK-us?

All publications and resources are housed under the “Resources” page, where you have the option of browsing by the different thematic areas and regions. Alternatively, you can also use the “Search” or “Advanced Search” – for the basic search, please enter any keywords related to the resource that you are looking for. Under advanced search, you will be required to input specific information besides the keywords, which include: type of resources; region; thematic areas; and year of publication. Please refer to “How to Navigate” for further details.

2. Can I download and reuse the image and content in the digital ASK-us?

Please read our “Privacy Policy” for more information on downloading and reusing the image and contents from digital ASK-us.

3. Are the resources available for download and how do I go about it?

Most of the resources in the digital ASK-us are available for both “View” and “Download” in PDF format. However there are some resources that are only available for “View” only (Please refer to “Privacy Policy”). To download, just click on the “Download” button and save the resource to your respective device.

4. What software will I need?

You do not require any specialised software for our resources as most PCs, laptops, tablets and even smartphones will already have the necessary software installed. The following types of file are used in our Digital ASK-us:

PDF documents

To view or download these files you will need the free Adobe Reader. This will normally already be installed on your system but you can also download the latest version from the Adobe website here.

Media files

Our media files are linked online to YouTube (for video & audio) and Slide Share (for presentations)