About ASK-us - Open Access Resources on SRHR

Established in 1993, ARROW’s SRHR Knowledge Sharing Centre (ASK-us) is one of the few remaining women’s health and SRHR dedicated resource centres in the region and globally. ASK-us is guided by the philosophy that strategic collection, packaging, dissemination and use of information can lead to social change, and to this end it endeavours to make critical SRHR information accessible.

ASK-us makes information available to SRHR stakeholders, researchers, activists, health professionals, NGOs, governments, academicians, ARROW partners and networks, as well as caters internally to ARROW’s needs. We currently reach over 129 countries across the world.

Why digital ASK-us

The digital ASK-us harnesses technology in order to increase the accessibility of our resources globally. The digital resources centre has similar functions as the traditional one that ARROW used to operate, and aims to:

  • Maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date collection of resources on women’s health organised thematically, chronologically and geographically, with a particular focus on innovative, practical and action-oriented materials;
  • Provide useful and relevant information to key target groups through a user-friendly interface; and
  • Offer free online access to primary information resources acquired by ARROW.