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Consolidated Guideline on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Women Living with HIV

Published in 2017

Source: World Health Organisation (WHO)

This guideline consolidates existing recommendations specific to women living with HIV along with new recommendations and good practice statements to support front-line health-care providers, programme managers, and public health policy-makers around the world to better address the SRHR of women living with HIV. It is also meant to help countries to more effectively and efficiently […]

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Post-2015 Agenda: An Investigation into Development Scenario

Published in 2017

Source: Women Health International

This paper aims to examine the role and importance of SRHR holistically in the development scenario within the context of their linkages to other fundamental human rights, as well as with the global poverty and hunger eradication objective; and put forward essential recommendations for them to be given their rightful place in the post-2015 agenda. […]

Women’s Access to Safe Abortion in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Advancing Maternal Health, Gender Equality, and Reproductive Rights

Published in 2017

Source: Ipas

Advancing women’s access to safe and legal abortion is a priority for women’s reproductive health and rights, in accordance with the new SDGs focused on health and gender equality. This briefing paper presents the SDG goals and targets whose achievement depends on safe and legal abortion and recommends minimum indicators for measuring global progress on […]

Sexuality and Poverty Synthesis Report

Published in 2017

Source: Institute of Development Studies

This report synthesises learning from a set of sexuality and poverty audits in 2012-2013 and is part of a larger project that focuses on understanding the links between sexuality, gender plurality, and poverty with the aim of improving socioeconomic policy and programming to support people marginalised because of their sexuality. The research indicated that sexuality […]

All Women, All Rights, Sex Workers Included: US Foreign Assistance and the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Female Sex Workers

Published in 2017

Source: Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE)

The report is based on a review of peer-reviewed articles, collaborative guidance and recommendations, and grey literature which examined the SRHR needs of female sex workers (FSWs). CHANGE also conducted semi-structured, not-for-attribution interviews with key informants, including U.S. officials, country-based implementers, researchers, sex workers, sex worker advocates, service providers, and representatives from multilateral organisations. Based […]

Accelerating Progress Towards Universal Health Coverage for Women and Children in South Asia, East Asia and The Pacific

Published in 2017

Source: UNICEF South Asia Regional Office

This thematic paper looks at the basics of universal health coverage (UHC), including its benefits and essential ingredients, synthesising the current situation in Asia and the Pacific regions. It examines the global and regional policy context for health (and UHC) including the SDGs, the new global health agenda, and rising concerns about global health security. […]

Universal Health Coverage: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights on the Agenda

Published in 2017

Source: Action for Global Health and Countdown 2030 Europe

This updated paper seeks to show how the World Health Organisation (WHO) definition of universal health coverage (UHC) and its vision of the social determinants of health underpinning UHC relate to SRHR and the enabling factors which affect SRHR. It argues that UHC cannot be truly achieved without addressing SRHR as a matter of priority, […]

Our Rights Matter Too: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Young Key Populations in Asia and the Pacific

Published in 2017

Source: Youth LEAD

This regional report was undertaken by Youth LEAD to highlight the inextricable link between SRHR and young key populations (YKP), and how the recognition, promotion and protection of these rights are instrumental to ending AIDS epidemic in the region. An overview of the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) needs, issues, and priorities of […]

ARROW for Change – Women With Disabilities: Disabled, Sexual, Reproductive

Published in 2017


The struggle for the rights of disabled persons have long been an arduous journey, fraught with pseudo-sciences and external factors such as conflict and poverty. People with disabilities are often subjected to discrimination and violence, and to a large extent are deprived of their right to live independently. Within this struggle for human rights for […]

Philippines Country Advocacy – Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE): The Way Forward

Published in 2017


With various provisions and enabling laws and policies that exists in the Philippines in terms of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), the country does seem to be on track to enable ‘gender mainstreaming’ policies, plans and programmes at all levels. The brief further addressed the challenges and gaps faced by the government by the capacities of […]