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Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020

Published in 2018

Source: World Health Organisation

The action plan of WHO aims to strengthen effective leadership and governance for mental health; provide comprehensive, integrated and responsive mental health and social care services in community-based settings; implement strategies for promotion and prevention in mental health; and strengthen information systems, evidence and research for mental health. It relies on six cross-cutting principles and […]

When a Health Professional Refuses: Legal and Regulatory Limits on Conscientious Objection to Provision of Abortion Care

Published in 2018

Source: Ipas

The refusal of health professionals to provide services is a significant barrier to women’s access to safe abortion and other reproductive health services. Although these providers have the right to refuse service provision under international and, in some, national law, it is necessary to have national-level legal or regulatory limits on conscientious objection to protect […]

Addressing Abortion Stigma Through Service Delivery: A White Paper

Published in 2018

Source: Sea Change Program, Ibis Reproductive Health, and Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health

This paper aims to provide the context and background of work done to address abortion stigma through service delivery. Abortion stigma is a major barrier to adequate reproductive health care for women and a key challenge for service delivery providers to address. In the first part of the paper, the definition of abortion stigma was […]

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Programs in Humanitarian Settings: An In-depth Look at Family Planning Services

Published in 2018

Source: Women’s Refugee Commission, Save the Children, UNHCR, UNFPA

The Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) and Save the Children — two of the co-chairs of the Inter-agency Working Group (IAWG) adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) sub-working group — embarked on an initiative to identify effective practices for the delivery of ASRH services, inclusive of family planning components. This outcome document is designed to highlight […]

Integrating sexual and reproductive health into health emergency and disaster risk management

Published in 2018

Source: World Health Organisations (WHO)

This policy brief discusses the integration of SRH in all aspects of health emergency and disaster risk management, both for immediate health needs, such as saving lives in obstetric complications and preventing disease, as well in the long-term to reduce vulnerability and to support sustainable development of health systems and communities.

Sexual Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict: Engaging Men and Boys

Published in 2018

Source: MenEngage and UNFPA

This advocacy brief explores how to engage men and boys in preventing and responding to sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict settings. Both the prevention of such violence and the quality of responses when it has occurred will be greatly enhanced by understanding men’s varied relations to this violence and by engaging men at diverse […]

The Global Challenge of Managing Migration

Published in 2018

Source: Population Reference Bureau (PRB)

This Population Bulletin explains why people cross national borders, the effects of international migration on sending and receiving countries, and the struggle to improve migration management. It also examines international migration by region: North America and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania, and highlights major migration and development issues, including […]

Rural Women and Migration

Published in 2018

Source: International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

This fact sheet outlines the rural women on the move, with the migration of the rural women being perceived as a family survival strategy among others. The mixed impacts arising from the migration of rural women are highlighted. Rural women migrants, depending on the context of their migration, may gain more autonomy by improving their […]

Gender and Rural Development: Aspects, Approaches and Good Practices

Published in 2018

Source: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

This publication outlines general measures and steps to action by GIZ that have proven to have a particularly positive impact on gender equality in agriculture and rural development. The measures are explored in more detail in a series of fact sheets on relevant themes, such as rural extension services, access to land, food & nutrition […]

International efforts on abandoning female genital mutilation

Published in 2018

Source: African Journal of Urology

Female genital mutilation (FGM), sometimes referred to as female circumcision or female genital cutting, is a harmful cultural practice without any known health benefit. Its short-term and long-term health risks have led to numerous initiatives toward its eradication at international and local levels, over the last two decades. While major challenges remain and millions of […]

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